Episode 1: “That's what family is for”:

Miriam, a young woman with friends and a family who loves her, gets prepared to go out to party while her cousin, Javier, comes to pick her up and come along with her. On the taxi ride -that Javier asked for- both cousins were talking about trivial things when Miriam received a message from her mother saying: “Where are you going?” Miriam observes the dark surroundings and realizes that she doesn’t know where they are.

Episode 2: "Marcos 14: 17-21”

After the kidnapping of their daughter Miriam, the Gonzáles family decides to contact two agents of the “Anti-Kidnapping Unit” who will advise them during the negotiation with the kidnappers. Miriam, kidnapped along with others in a security house, waits. Lulu, Miriam’s mother, is the one who will have direct contact with the kidnappers who threaten to end her daughter’s life if the family doesn’t follow their commands.

Episode 3: "Tell me about you":

Angélica and Jorge are two people who, with their own problems, routines and hopes, will finally meet in person after exchanging messages over the phone. Neither of them knows the impact that this meeting will have on their lives and their families.