MAKE allows the creation of security strategies, action protocols and family plans for crime prevention, through the concept of Islands of Trust. The application facilitates decision making for members of the Isle of Trust in an effective manner, for situations that require immediate action. For decision making, it uses one of the pre-established governance models: democratic, centralized or weighted.

It has a panic button to alert your contacts in case of imminent risk, and a testimonial button to report criminal events in process. Up to seven contacts can be defined in the panic button module. Allows the sending of audio, images and video as part of the testimonial. The geolocation data is automatically generated and sent in the panic or testimony report.

Through the registration by users of the application of past and ongoing criminal events, a national repository will be created that complements official figures. The records are anonymous and only visible among members of the Isle of Trust.

Although testimonials and event reports are anonymous, during the second stage of the app development, the metadata generated by these records will be visible to all users, regardless of whether you belong to an Island of Trust, to prevent and, if necessary, predict the incidence of crime in an area or region.

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